Tatting Resources

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This is where I will keep adding & updating links to 
tatting resources, tutorials, nomenclature, techniques, tips, etc. 
My quick 'n' easy reference.

last updated : April 26, 2017

for all kinds of tatting tutorials & help 
(in no particular order) 

Karen Cabrera - Frivolite-tatting lessons on youtube ; Karen's list of tatting lessons
Jennifer Williams aka cariad  - superb diagrams & tuts for various techniques , as well as a variety of free patterns applying them.
Jane Eborall - Tips & Techniques
Georgia Seitz -The Online Tatting Class ;  Bella Online Tatting
Georgia Seitz Advanced Class videos
Georgia Seitz Online Beginning Shuttle Tatting Tutorials
Beginning Tatting Series – excellent video demos by Tamie at a follow-along pace
Absolute Beginner Tatting Series - videos & posts by Heather.
ABC Tatting Patterns - Laura Evans' - lots of info on tatting, including terms, tuts, patterns & needle tatting
Jon Yusoff - How-tos
tatman (Mark Myers) - how to tat lace
Frivole  - Techniques videos & pictorials & Frivole's Youtube Channel
Ninetta Caruso - original techniques,  solutions, tips, patterns 
List of sites at Shuttlebirds
Martha Ess  , blogMartha Ess 
Teri Dusenbury - Modern Tatting tutorials as well as videos
Tatting Central - a compilation of tatting-related resources.....
Robin Perfetti - including how to use technology in tatting designing !
Leigh's Needlework & Craft Bibliography .. - includes over 400 tatting book/magazine reviews,  besides other crafts ! 
Palmetto Tatters Guild  -  Standardized Tatting Pattern Notation
Christiane Eichler  - "Dreams of Lace" . great tips/tuts for beginners, including needle/shuttle
Sabina Carden-Madden  - lessons & techniques,  including patterns
Anastasija P. YelisejevaBasic ways of tatting , Russian translation of termsTips , etc.
Corina Meyfeldt - (cmhandmade) lovely tuts, ideas, & patterns.
An Element-al Approach to Tatting Design  compiled by Eliz Davis
Craftree  - ongoing collection of resources
Miranda (tatting fool)
Lacis Museum 2016-2017 - slideshow of exhibits
Carollyn (Madtatter80) Brown - videos, pictorials, tips, patterns




Chains in Shuttle Tatting - my sampler list of numerous straight-chain elements in pdf, along with resources
Direct Tatting Chain - Gina Butler video

Various Tutorials on Block Tatting  including Lock Chain blocks by Jane Eborall
Julie Patterson , Karen Cabrera (solid and striped) , Gina Butler video , Fireweed Plains video (2 methods)

Knitter Bunny's excellent pictorial on how to start with a loop (like SCMR)

1. to chains :
Frivole's Starting with a chain using paperclip  & without paperclip   
Sue Hanson’s instructions with unflipped 2nd half st or lock stitch 
Martha Ess' dead end start with  very small picot in block tatting
2. to split chains :
Tatting : Technique & History by Elgiva Nicholls. (pp 101-102) . Superb explanation & description of “Multiple Dead Ends” on false chains
Jane Eborall's Floating Chains - using a bead.

The original SCh or DYK or bridging was by Dora Young 
Dora Young's Split Chain or Dora Young Knot (in her own handwriting & diagrams, posted by Teri Dusenbury)
Georgia Sietz's 9 steps to split chain or bridging This is Dora Young's style/knot.
Also illustrated by Jane Eborall’s Making a Split Chain original method (DYK)
Jon's Split Chain tutorial Along with How to use a Split Chain to make a Split Ring when working with only 1 shuttle & ball !!!
An additional method was developed in 2007 by Marie Smith :
Frivole’s Marie Smith style of Split Chain (Traditional Tatting) video tut (similar to CWJ, done from back side)

Karen Cabrera's Single Shuttle Split Chain (SSSCh) aka Floating Chain . Video Lesson 38



Tutorials for Beginners
Clever Cluny (Beginning Tatting Video Series) 
Excellent video for any beginner !
Frivolité à la navette : le point d'esprit (Cluny leaf) : 
A Great video by Julie. Although text is in French, the demo is very clear & easy to follow. A good finger loom tatting resource for beginners.
Jennifer Williams’ Cluny Tatting Technique diagrammed with instructions . An Excellent resource to print & refer for beginners.
Lilas Lace diagrams - Superb self-explanatory diagrams with loom on pillow .
12 Cluny Tatting Tips 
for easy tallies

More Cluny Tatting Resources 
Mark Myers (tatman) How to tat a cluny leaf 
Steph Peters’ Cluny Leaves in Tatting - diagrammatic instructions ; & stepwise pictorial 
Carollyn's (madtatter80) Tatting Cluny Lace... the center SH2 thread is shifted to extreme right, & SH1 is 'dropped' on return for easy & quick tensioning.
Mimi Dillman’s 
Cluny Tatting Page with with a list of resources & her pictorial instructions.
kcabrera74 : Lesson 30 – Cluny , Lesson 31 - Hanging Cluny ; Lesson 32 - Hanging Cluny off a Ring
Linda S Davis' Shuttle Tatted Cluny video   
Threads in Craftree ‘What is Cluny Tatting’ (Judith Connors) & Tips on Shaping Cluny Leaves (Patty Dowden)
Cluny Tatting Links
Cinzia Gabrielli's Coloured Hanging Clunies  … diagrams & instructions
Double Cluny (5 warp or broad clunies) by Carmin Barron

Various Types of Looms & tutorials
Clever Cluny by Lorraine Eisbrenner Wolak  loom on card
Plastic Bottle Loom Judith Connors Cluny Tatting Loom  (diagram & instructions)  The measurements of the card loom may be enlarged or reduced, even to using an old credit/loyalty card, for easy portability
Cluny Box Loom Shuttle tatting tut (Beginning Tatting Video Series)
Various Cluny Tatting Looms
Broad Clunies on a loom 
with free download of pictorial instructions
A Loom for all Cluny Tatting Using Judith Connor's card loom for Hanging & Split Cluny Leaves

Cluny Tatting with Needle
Georgia Seitz' compilation of many resources
Wally Sosa's Pictorial Steps 1-4 and Steps 5-8 
Dagmar Pezzuto's Cluny Petal Tatting in Two Colours , updated by Georgia Seitz


Jon Yusoff’s Dealing with Ends – many ways of finishing off tatting.
Frivole’s Finishing on a Chain - no ends to sew in. Pictorial on flickr. Also a post on Jeanie’s Magic Loops.  Also,  Magic Loops video demo 
Cactus’ New Way of hiding ends . A diagrammatic representation (tape tail to core thread while tatting)  
Leader Thread in shuttle Gina Butler's video showing a knot that can be undone when required. 
Beginning with a slip knot pictorial by Gina Butler
Weaver's Knot demo by Mark Myers ( tatman )



Mark Myer’s Inverted Tatting  - clear pictures & instructions


Swirl Join Nina Libin
Lark's Head Picot Join - Lily Morales
Onion Ring Join - Jennifer Williams
The Onion "Ring"  - Georgia Seitz
Split Chain Join – Sabina Bina Madden
Catherine Wheel Join Marilee Rockley video
Catherine Wheel Join Allegory  Patricia Lyn Cobb's fun tutorial
that pesky final ring  - diagrammatic representation of Folded Join by Jon Yusoff
Riego Join in finger tatting - video by Teri Dusenbury
Riego Join last ring to first ring in finger tatting Part 1 & Part 2 - videos by Teri Dusenbury
Long Picot Join , in pdf 
How to untat the Lock Join


Self-padded double stitch, Double double stitch, Balanced double stitch -- these all refer to the Same technique / stitch.

Self-padded double stitch (s-p ds) -- (by Rhoda Auld). History, multiplicity of terminology, & related discussion. Thread started by Judith Connors in InTatters
Double double stitch (DDS) -- tutorial by Jane Eborall
Balanced double stitch (BDS) -- tutorial & video demo by Ruth Perry
Self-Padded double stitch experiments (chains) -- my experimentation with Chains & Josephine Rings.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rv6YFXRU-Xk  -- Karen Cabrera's Lesson 54 - BDS
Josephine Petal video by Frivole - uses a padded JR !
All about Padding the Double Stitch

Vapor Picot – video of Ninetta's vapor picot by Karen Cabrera
Floral Picots ( Ring of Tatters) aka Layered or Ruffled Picots (Karen Cabrera Lesson 99)
Twisted Picot (floating) - muskaan's pictorial & Karen's video
Celtic knotted picot ( CKP)    by Sabina Carden-Madden
Multiple CKP - tutorial by Patricia Cobb and How to use picot gauge for CKP

[Reverse Work (RW), Turn Work (TW), Rotate Work].
Reverse & Turn Work An Exploration part of the Absolute Beginner Tatting Series by Heather Tatter.
TW in block tatting by Martha Ess, with a pattern.
“Reverse Work” versus “Turn Work”  Tatting Tutorial by ladyshuttlemaker
Twist Work (TwW) in Reverse Stitch - step-by-step pictorial & comparative account. very similar to pearl tatting
This Way or Tat ? (TWoT)



Ninetta's CURLED  RINGS (CR) 
Earrings with curled rings diagrammatic pictorial & pattern by Ninetta Caruso
Concept , description, comparison with Folded Rings
Options / variations in curling
More Possibilities including a cross pattern
Final Options / effects including an earring pattern
How to curl small rings pictorial by Ninetta Caruso
Curled Rings in Split Rings with bracelet patterns
Curled Rings Pendant pattern & instructional pictorial
Alternate Method of Curling Rings includes many ways to curl small rings (sCR) over a chain or in rings, as well as Curled Inside Rings. Video for sCR over a chain.
Bracelets CapriccioThis pattern pdf includes various effects & applications of sCR : 1. Balanced sCR pattern & Video ; 2.Unbalanced sCR ; 3. sCR over a chain ; 4. with CR and a Video.

Jane Eborall's Closing Dimple Ring or Two Stage Dimple Ring
Karen Cabrera's Lesson 86 Dimpled Yorkie video
Ninetta Caruso's pictorial & instructions
Gina Butler's Tatting Dimpled Ring Heart video tutorial

INTERLACED  RINGS (using 4 shuttles) :
How to Start Interlaced Rings - both movements
Over & Under Rings : Front to Back movement (Part 1) – step-by-step pictorial
Under & Over Rings : Back toFront movement (Part 2) – step-by-step pictorial

INTERLOCKING  RINGS using Shuttle (IR) :
Interlocking SCMRs - step-by-step pictorial by Sue (HisKid)
Interlocking Self Closing Mock Rings Tutorial - step-by-step pictorial by Umi & Tsuru
Single Shuttle Interlocking Rings - Lesson #77 video tutorial by Karen
Interlocking Rings made with shuttle Part 1 & Part 2 - Kathy's step-by-step tutorial
Interlocking Tatted Rings - 1869 vintage directions for interlocking tatting rings
Interlinking SCMRs & Rings Jane Eborall's method
Interlocking Split Rings (chainmail style) Ninetta's pictorial showing 3 methods
Interlocking Rings - single shuttle by Karen Bovard

2-Color Rings video Lesson 138 by Karen Cabrera
Shape of Rings - a tip by Karen Bovard
Folded Rings - Martha Ess pdf download
Ring on Picot - Patty Dowden (video)

Perfect Onion Ring by Aurora ; Onion Ring with chain and CWJ
Perpendicular (3D) Onion Rings 
Josephine Ring Cluster
Layered Onion Rings, pdf with pattern

Reverse Rings with Rings Thrown Off -  video by Ruth Perry ; video by Karen Cabrera
Rebecca Jones' "The Complete Book of Tatting" (1985) calls these Method 5: Wrong-Way Tatting. 
LTROR - Loop Tatted Ring on Ring with pattern by Sabina Carden-Madden ; diagrams by Jane Eborall ; diagrams by Anastasija P Yelisejeva ; video by Karen Cabrera
SQDR - Split Quadruple Directional Ring along with pattern by Teri Dusenbury; now more commonly known as Ring off / on Split Ring - diagrams by Jane Eborall & video by Karen Cabrera
LTROSR - Loop Tatted Ring on Split Ring video 
MROR - Mock Ring on Split Ring pictorial, and diagrams by Ninetta Caruso; video by Karen
Central Ring with Multiple Thrown Rings - a comparison of the various techniques; pdf includes table, tatted models & pattern with notes.


Roll Tatting Lesson 27 video by Karen Cabrera
Roll Tatting video by Julie (Pandore) & more applications
Bullion Knot - in comparison with Roll tatting

Half moon split ring Sabina Madden-Carden
Dead Spider method
High Five method by Cynthia Stevenson
Overlapping Split Rings
Folded Split Ring 
Dora Young method video by Rachael Mohler
Karey Solomon method
Matthew Takeda method - video
History of SSSR
SSSR like a split chain by Riet
Finishing with SSSR - Miranda

Self Closing Mock Rings (SCMR)




Georgia Seitz Online Beginner Needle Tatting Class
Learn Needle Tatting With My Flower Pendant by Totus Mel
Needle tatting for Beginners video by Maria Papia
Needle Tatting videos by Tamie for the Online Tatting Class
Split Ring by Karen Bovard

The Art of Crochet Tatting with tutorials and patterns



Dizzy Double Stitch
(also DDS !!!) by tatman
Shuttle/Thread Capacity Chart by Lily Morales
Testing stiffeners on tatting by Corina Meyfeldt
Preventing Gapsosis Georgia Seitz ; Gapsosis Jon Yusoff ; Gapsosis can be good

Embroidered Tatting on hanky edge by Murphy's Designs


Free Pattern Sites :

Nancy at Be-stitched page 1  & page 2  easy beginner patterns
Carollyn's Tatting Blog with free patterns as well as tips & techniques  
Jennifer Williams aka cariad  patterns arranged according to techniques, too.   
Renata (Renulek)   Frywolitki, Tatting, Chiacchierino
Patricia tattypatty patterns  easy beginner patterns
Linda S Davies (toptattyhead)    includes lots of 3D flower patterns
Eliz Davis
Sharon Briggs - many patterns with diagrams
Anastasija's frivolitatting
Martha Ess
Ruth Perry's Tatting Pattern Calendar with lots of small patterns 
Anika Hassar's (tattingitup.blogspot)patterns


  1. What an amazing collection of reference work. Thank you so much for taking the time to pull this together! I only wish I found your board right away I've only been tatting for 3 weeks and have fallen in love with needle tatting. I'm newly disabled and the work is light weight and pulls my mind off my troubles. Thanks again.

    1. Thank you, Carol :-) So glad this can be of help - even if in future . I have needle-tatted for a total of 2 days. But this reminds me that I should include those links as well :-)
      Tatting soon becomes quite a passion, so I hope it is relaxing & rejuvenating for you always.
      Thanks for stopping by & for your kind words.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Gina 🌹🌿 It's still lacking so many links, though 😩