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A list of all my tutorials & experiments. Click on each to reach the post &/or download the pdf. Most are presented as step-by-step pictures of actual tatting, but for many, I hope to diagram & convert to pdf ... some day.  Please note that these are what work/have worked for me. Hopefully they will work for you, too. Feedback & Input is Always welcome. If you would like me to do a specific tutorial,  please email me (in my profile), &/or leave your contact email.
Happy Tatting, Always :-)

(This page is under construction) 
last entry : Sep 6, 2017

Adding Findings Atop Beads  Jane McLellan's solution to adding findings/hooks to beads in a diamond formation 
Part 1 Pictorial - FB in thrown ring ; (see also Part 4 for alternate method)
Part 2 Pictorials - FB in Ring, variations, and Under Chain ;
Part 3 Pictorials - Varied effects & applications including FB string, in & out of SCMR, Stacked, Fringe, length variation ; Concentric (bead within beads).
Part 4 Pictorial - alternate methods and method used on sequins, and tatted rings.
pdf soon

DIRECTION of Tatting : This Way or Tat? (TWoT) Series : (to be continued)
How and why tatting changes direction ; how to adapt and customize our tatting by referring to a compilation of diagrams. The series is divided into sets which include diagrams, instructions, exercises, practice patterns.Preface : Quo vadis
Introduction - an overview, who and how it can help, snowflake patterns, observation table pdf file
Set I - Rings Only - diagrams, patterns, questions, exercises, ... pdf file  UPDATED pdf link
Left-handed Tatting - a comparison of right- & left-handed tatting by Eliz Davis
Coming next : Set II - Chains Only
Paths/choices when climbing out with a split ring using Mark Myer's Luster Snowflake as an example to show process. pictorial in pdf.

CHAINS in Shuttle Tatting  My ready-reference sampler list of numerous chains in shuttle tatting, pdf file

All about pds - term , use,  characteristics ....,
Pictorial showing 3rd way of Padding the stitch,
A table of comparison between pds, BDS, DDS.   pdf file
Padded Double Stitch  

12 Cluny Tatting Tips
Hanging & Split Cluny Leaves 
Broad Cluny Leaves  multi-Warp Cluny Tatting. And Introducing "ONE SMALL STEP" to make the closing of tallies Easy !
Warp Four Cluny Tatting Tutorial - 2 Versions. pdf file
Warp Five Cluny Tatting Tutorial - pdf file

How to Unlock the Lock Join - a stepwise pictorial . Also published in "Tatter Chatter" Sept 2015.
Joins in Shuttle Tatting Part I -  Demystifying Joins 
Joins in Shuttle Tatting Part II - Shuttle 2 to the Rescue
Equidistant join

CURLED  RINGS (Ninetta's Curled Rings)
Concept, description,  comparison
Some Effects & how to
More Possibilities
Final Options / effects

ABOUT  STITCHES : Comparison/Characteristics
Padded Double Stitch - Discussing & showcasing the potential of the self-padded DS or BDS or DDS - much beyond straight chains ! First Trials. 
Folded Rings & Curled Rings
Comparing Folded Rings and HMSR pdf of table
Half Moon Split Rings (HMSR) & Folded Rings . pdf of table
Inward & Outward facing rings - explained by comparing ring to a fish. pdf link .
Twist Work in Reverse Stitch (TwW)- a stepwise pictorial. This is also how stitches are wrapped in Daisy Picot
About Dot Picot
Comparing Picots - Interlocking, Mrs Mee, and Tuft picots

How to Start Interlaced SRs   
Over & Under Interlaced Split Rings .
Under & Over Interlaced SRs 

Perpendicular Concentric Josephine Rings - how to make 3D Onion Josephine Rings !
Padded Tatting Solutions. Part 1 - Starting with an auxiliary thread! Especially handy in 3D tatting.
Padded Tatting Solutions. Part 2 - Ending with auxiliary thread from the shuttle itself !!!
Corina's Fringe (a spot adaptation) - Adapting Corina's fringe 
Twisted Picot (Floating) (TwP)- stepwise pictorial, & variations.
Rings Enrapt / Wrapped Rings - an experimental new effect, which can also be used in bare thread or mignonette tatting to reinforce or to make 2 colour tatting possible as applied here.
Overlapping Split Rings - A quick & simple way to achieve a Celtic tatting effect using only SRs.
Tatted Cotter Pin Links with a Double Twist - taking off from Marilee's original tutorial, some possible directions
Ikuta Picots Method 3 - pictorial in pdf Overlapping picots and variations
Josephine Ring Cluster - pictorial included in pdf
Chain around ring how-to : Row 9 of Renulek's Wiosna 2015. Lots of other ways to tat same motif.
Layered Onion Rings
Tatting over Tails - the middle pathPART 1 & PART 2pictorial in pdf  
Starting with a chain (& starter picot) in 2-colour tatting. pictorial in pdf

Winding Thread CTM 
Winding Shuttles CTM 
Making Skeins from Hanks (or Balls) 
Magic Circle/Ring in tatting
How to Block Lace Using a Rolling Pin - A pictorial in pdf included
Gapsosis can be good ... sometimes - situations when a little 'gapsosis' or bare thread space between elements can be desirable.
Avoiding gapsosis in trefoil and thrown ring clusters - a pictorial
Large Ring Options - 4 different ways of working a large ring.
Different Ways of Closing Rings Experiment  (a pdf with model of 13 rings & table
When to Post A Shuttle ! - 13 scenarios discussed.
Hiding End Tails without a Knot - vast compilation of links and tips. diagrams-only pdf
Bobbin Shuttles - How to firm up a loose/running bobbin 
How to estimate length of central picot that has many rings joining to it.

COMMON  THREADS ...trying to tease out the common factor(s) in seemingly different techniques. These are presented as Sets. 
Set I : Overhand Tie - this movement is common in SLT, CKP, Puncetto knot, Pointed chain.
Set II : Rings on Ring - thrown/floating rings off a central ring can be done by SQDR (or R on SR), RR, SCMR, LTROR. (Central Ring with Multiple Thrown Rings)  pdf with table, pictorial, practice pattern

QUICK  DESIGNING  IDEAS  - Numerous paths to designing 
moved to Tatting Patterns & Designs

An attempt to graphically represent various stitches & techniques in shuttle tatting. An ongoing series.
FS/BS Tatting or when to use DS & RODS  pdf file


  1. Somewhere in your blog I saw a comment concerning cutting out mistakes. I think you were just cutting out a section; if so, could you provide a tutorial on how to reattach threads on both sides of the section? Plus, a tutorial on joining in new threads would be nice. I've had to dig through the internet (especially Georgia Seitz' and Jane Eborall's sites) looking for different methods).


    1. Hi Susie :-)
      Ave you checked some of the resource/tutorial links I've listed here : . Scroll down ; after the Cluny Tatting section is a section on Hiding Ends. See if you like any of those.

      Jennifer Williams aka cariad also has tutorials with very clear diagrams :

      In case you still face difficulties, let me know & I will happily prepare a pictorial. Feel free to contact me by email. If not, leave comment here about your progress.
      Happy tatting :-)

  2. Can you please give a tutorial on split chains?

    1. Only just saw your comment, Lofty Notions !
      What exactly are you looking for ? Do you want stepwise pictures? You can email me with details, so that we don't simply repeat stuff that is already online.

  3. This is a wonderful resource! Thanks so much. I have bookmarked this page... :-)