Monday, 15 August 2016

picking on picots

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I’ve sensed this for a long time & this medallion confirms it. Anchor Crochet Cotton that is made in India by Madura Coats is thicker than the size 20s & 40s (of any brand) that I see you tatters using. In fact, it is thicker now than the old thread I have ! Makes it very difficult to follow a pattern with long picots.

(aka Woven Center Flower)
Robina Melville
first published in Ring of Tatters Newsletter #72, Spring 2016
This is such an elegant pattern !

Materials : Anchor Cotton size 20, Art. 4054. Golden yellow – 0307 ; red – 046
2 shuttles ; picot gauge : 2.5cm & 3 cms
Techniques I used : long picots, woven picots, split rings, thrown rings, lock join, SSSR to climb out.

Round 1 : 1⅛”
My first attempt failed, as I had sensed, due to difference in thread brand :-( The last ring didn’t even have any space to fit in (top right in pic) !
Increased the picot sizes & the 2nd attempt worked.
TIP : I used a threaded tapestry needle to easily weave the picots, otherwise it was a bit fiddly in the cramped centre.

Climbing Out
For my own recollection, there many ways 2 colours can be used in 1st round & still climb out to next round without tying & cutting both threads.
1. Climb out with a SSSR in red, while hiding the yellow tail in first half of the SSSR.
I had to do this, because I didn’t think ahead & I wasn’t sure what colour(s) I wanted for next round.
2. Wind 3 shuttles : Sh1 with yellow; and 2 shuttles wound CTM with red. Thus while climbing out, we hide the yellow within a split ring. This is what I could’ve done.
3. Double Core SSSR to hide the yellow within & keep the SSSR red. This, in fact, gives us the option to continue with both colours for next rounds, yet keeping the ring a single colour – either red or yellow. I had tried this for the first time here, with a slight adaptation.

Round 2 : 2¼”
Round 3 : 3” 
I absolutely Love this medallion & enjoyed tatting it. Hey, even my long chains behaved !

Although, I did make a mistake – a picot in one of the outer chains – an expected outcome of trying to watch the Olympics & tat. Noticed too late, so folded the picot behind & glued it. Will sew it in later.

Flashback to May 2014

My very first attempt at woven picots was when I saw these lovely earrings by Lilas Lace. I was going through a phase of learning different picots & effects - the net kept throwing up such gorgeous tatting ! 
So these earrings both inspired & intrigued me & using her basic idea, I attempted to tat it.
The stitchcount is my own & I included 2 colours & Josephine Rings. Didn't have findings/hooks... This can work as a pendant, too.
This is the 'before' pic. More practice with picot gauge was needed then, but blocking the piece now has helped a bit. 

and this one is for Michelle !
Remember this, Michelle ? A while back I had tried to duplicate the look of that tatted model in pinterest that you shared. Tried a few things in size 40, but don’t know where I’ve misplaced them. Will turn up some day. 
Before posting, I usually do another round of online research for resources. And guess what - Karen already Has a video of these !!! They are called Interlocking Picots (why do the tutorials turn up After I've gone through the grime ?! I need better perception & recognition).
Had some thread left on the shuttles after the medallion, and quickly tatted another for this post before I forget again. 

Many thanks to Robina & Georgia, 
to Lilas, & to Karen
happy tatting :-)

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